Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Care Now Pay Later (CNPL) is a digital payment solution that gives you the opportunity to pay for your medical expenses without having to make full payment for it until a later date. CNPL allows you to split your purchases into several interest-free payments paid over time.

We charge the merchant a small fee for every transaction processed using Payong. This fee depends on the type of products or services the merchant sells.

For consumers, Payong is totally free to use, as long as:
1) You have maintained at all times a sufficient balance or credit limit in your account to enable the Bank to make the requisite debits for your purchases and/or
2) You do not miss paying your payments.

Before you register with us, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

Age Requirement

You are at least 18 years old.

Account set-up
1) A mobile number issued with a Malaysia prefix (+60)
2) Legal full name
3) A Malaysian NRIC
4) Date of birth
5) A valid email address
6) A credit/debit card issued by a financial institution

The information is required to ensure that we identify the correct users and prevent any misuse of identity.

The minimum spending for a single purchase is RM 10.

Please contact the merchant to request for a full refund, and it is subject to the merchant’s cancellation and refund policy.

You can use Payong when you see Payong QR code at a store’s checkout or when you see Payong listed as a payment option at a merchant’s website.

Scanning merchant’s QR code with a phone

Use your Payong app to scan the code that is displayed at a store’s checkout.

If you have a payment due to us, do contact us immediately at support@payongcare.com for further assistance.

Send your questions via email at support@payongcare.com. We aim to respond to all our emails in 24 hours. We would suggest you check your spam/junk mail if you did not receive a response from us. If you found it in junk/spam do mark the email as not spam so future replies will not be directed there.